Yoga Neti Pot
Yoga Neti Pot

Yoga Neti Pot- Brand New Patent Product

2010-12-23 16:32:00

To tell you the truth, the Yoga Neti Pot is our baby. Our research and development team designed her. She was specially designed for the comfort of use while irrigating the nose.
  With a boat-like shape, she looks smart and refreshing. And she is light and non-breakable, which makes her perfect for travel, because you do not have to worry about her throughout the journey.
  The highlight of the design is the lid which prevents the solution from spilling out. And the best part is there is an air hole in the middle of the lid. You can simply stop the flow of the solution by blocking the air hole with your finger. And when you are ready to irrigate the nose you just release it, the gravity will do the rest.
  And she is red with a touch of sunlight, the yellow lid. With her passion and strength is just a nose-flushing away.
  The benefits of irrigating the nose:
a.       Treat a wide range of chronic sinus symptoms.
b.       Improve the quality of life and reduce use of medication, including antibiotics.
c.       Relief chronic sinus symptoms induced by work-place exposure to dust.
d.       Relief for both hay-fever and the common cold.
e.       Clean the air passageways in the head thus have profound effects on the body, mind, and personality to even clairvoyance.
  Neti pot is advocated by the Indian Yoga Master Shiva Parsada, who is a great idol for people who practice yoga.
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