Nothing is funnier than watching babies giggle…This video is priceless!

Finally there’s something on YouTube to laugh about that doesn’t have something blowing up or people acting stupid. This is one of the many videos people send in of their babies giggling. These videos are just a scream to watch because you can’t help but start laughing. We need more of them and I’m going to bookmark them as favorites.


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Hi Evol Babies!

I’ve been busy handling personal matters the past many months.  I was about to move back to New York when some Hollywood studios asked more info regarding “Evol Baby” and many of my other cartoons.

We’ll see what happens next as I get all my toons together for presentation.  I may also have a free Evol Baby e-comic online as well. Stay tuned.

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YAY! Evol Baby RULES!

Every other day I’ll get an email or someone will stop me on the street and scream out: ” Evol Baby Rules! “.

I’m like, “Who are these people? How do they remember Evol Baby?”

Well one answer came a few years ago from my now pal Martin “Eagle Wolf”.  Everyone in Hollywood knows Eagle.  He rides around on his sooped up scooter with all the Star Wars and Anime stickers on it and delivers for the top restaurants in the area.  He’s more famous out here than most celebrities.  Well when we first met he lived across the street.  He came over and we started talking geek stuff like Star Wars and Star Trek and I sent him to my website to see some of my toons.  Well he comes over the next day screaming at me how I “ripped off” Evol Baby because when he was a kid he lived for Evol Baby and had all the comic books and he showed me the now famous Thrasher Comics #5.  I stood there as he pointed to the comic book telling me how I ripped it off.  I didn’t scream I just kept my cool and asked him to look at the bottom right corner of the comic book where my name and copyright stuff is and he did and was silent for a minute. His eyes bugged out and he looked at me and screamed,

“That’s YOU! Dude! That’s YOU!”

So I said to him, how could after ten years, he never read the credits?

You live and learn.

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